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Those who knew Ferruh Tulun best, are aware he was 
​              a highly knowledgeable CEO whose solid, trend setting,                  remarkable accomplishments, within, and for the airline 
      industry are still continued by his service driven team to 
 a new era.
Tulair, is one of the leading specialized logistics service 
 providers for handling the entire process of forwarding,
from very beginning of the freight being picked up, to 
the end including packing and proper documentation.

​           Tulair International has been graciously serving our satisfied         customers for almost three decades.  We provide optimal 
      services in order to ensure each of our customers individual 
needs are satisfied. 

               "Tulair's supply chain services provide   
       value to both airline customers and suppliers 
           by delivering time-critical materials."
Our commitment is to bring an unparalleled level of expertise
    and service to our customers.

 Contact Information :

      ​Tulair International Corp. 
147-20 181 Street 
Jamaica, NY 11413 USA

Tel: +1(718) 656-4325
Fax:+1(718) 656-4327
E-mail: tulair@aol.com

" delivering the world by air & ocean"
    Worldwide  Logistics  Services
       Ferruh Tulun